Shower intimacy always appears to be it’s convenient in movies and shows, however the logistics really are a bit more difficult in true to life. There are a number of hazards when it comes to love-making in the shower, specifically assuming you have kids or roommates.

Slippage and wet ceramic tile are the biggest safety issues, Monica Grover, G. O., medical director by Asira Medical, explains to SELF. For this reason she advises getting a non-slip mat to get the bathroom and ensuring to hold onto anything sturdy (like the wall) for support.

In addition to the obvious fall season risks, additionally it is not a good idea to attempt virtually any crazy sexual intercourse positions that could conclude causing you accident. “Injury during shower sexual activity will make the knowledge not more than worth it, so it’s far better to try positions that are based upon stable positions and don’t put your partner within a dangerous job or perhaps require them to move quickly from one point out another, ” says Kate Moyle, listed UKCP psychosexual and marriage therapist, who have plenty of techniques for keeping you safe in the shower.

Sex in the shower will get exhausting genuinely quickly, hence if you’re not really feeling the character, consider doing some other kinds of play rather. Gigi Engle, ACS, London-based, certified sexual educator and creator of All The F*cking MIstakes, suggests trying some sex toys in the bathroom.

A water-proof vibrator or lube can help you stay lubricated while you explore every other’s sexy zones. Choose a lubricant that doesn’t rinse apart in the water, such as Astroglide’s Premium Water-resistant Silicone Solution.